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During the 2020 lockdown, the idea of establishing Barefoot Homemade was born.

It all started with a group of Italian mothers who gather in Cincinnati on Thursday mornings to harness and share their skills: some excel at creating jewelry, others are talented cooks, and there are even those who sew. These home-based workshops evolve into direct sales, showcasing their handmade crafts.

Barefoot Home started by creating home decor items and handmade embroidered blankets for babies using high-quality materials. The first product to be put up for sale was a reversible fabric basket, designed to hold bread, muffins, and bagels. Along with the product idea, came the inspiration that this work could be beneficial for other women as well.

About Our Products

At Barefoot HOME, we choose exclusively linen and cotton, treasuring history and traditions. Linen, the most ancient vegetable fiber, is naturally strong, soft, breathable and durable . These exquisite natural fibers are sourced sustainably from renewable resources. We want to offer not just simply products but future heirlooms, that will preserve precious moments and the warmth of home for your loved ones.

About me

Hi, I'm Margherita!

I'm a mom of 5 and women entrepreneur, living in Cincinnati, Ohio

I left my job as an Otorhinolaryngologist in Italy to pursue a new adventure in the United States with my husband and our amazing kids.  Across the ocean, with a group of talented women I discovered a newfound passion for embroidery and handcrafted textile products. Since then I have had the dream to build a working community of women, weaving threads of creativity and compassion! I love baking Crostate, Orchids, walking in the Dolomites, reading Tolkien and the list can go to the infinite. Yellowstone and the white Florida’s beaches have gifted my heart with a great love for America, my new home.



My motto?

The unforeseen is the only Hope

[E. Montale]


Hi I’m Lucia!

mom of 4 and architect, living in Indianapolis, Indiana.

As an architect with a profound passion for art history, born and raised in Italy, I found myself in Indiana, nurturing a family of four children. Through photography and watercolors, I’ve learned to unearth beauty in the simplicity of the place I now call home and in the wonders of its nature. Constantly embracing new dimensions of creativity, such as gardening, cooking, and homemaking, viewing them as art forms. Above all, I cherish the sheer delight of hiking and immersing myself in local craftsmanship wherever I go.

Why choose us

Italian Homemade

Each product is crafted by hand using fine Italian fabric

Local Community

A small community of professionals who share craftsmanship and passion.

NGO's supporter

We support women's NGOs worldwide by donating a portion of our profits every month.

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