Sharing the soul of “barefoot, tables & treasures”

Discover with us the true Italian products for your table, because a table lives not only on food, but also on fabrics and colors.

Dear YOU, welcome to the barefoot home world. Here you can walk through fantastic Tavole (tables ready for a meal together) and Tesori!

We feel the need to clarify a simple but crucial linguistics detail before even you go forward exploring this wonderful and inspiring world.

Tavola/e [ˈtavola/e]: table/s set up for a meal together

Tovaglia [toˈvaʎʎa]: tablecloth

Tovagliolo [tovaʎˈʎɔlo]: napkin

Condividere [kondiˈvidere]: sharing

Tesori [teˈzɔre]: treasures

I was chatting with a friend of mine, he's the genius I owe so much for his truthful, visionary and super charming website project. He’s Italian, and asked me: is there in English the difference between “TavolA” and “TavolO” as we have in Italian?

 Nope. In English the table prepared for a meal together and the table where you study or work is translated with one word: “table.” While in Italian, if you say “venite a tavola” that means the dinner is ready! While if you say “vieni al tavolo” it might  mean something different, like come to the table I have to show you my work, or come here we have to study or play a boardgame, etc. 

This Barefoot Home world revolves around the TAVOLA

Please feel at home here. We like it this way. Walk barefoot and enjoy your stroll through “tavole e tesori”.

Here is our blog! Enjoy reading it

Here is our blog! Enjoy reading it Here is our blog! Enjoy reading it Here is our blog! Enjoy reading it

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