Eating together is about sharing. The etymology of “companion”, means “to share bread with someone” (from latin cum-panis). It’s not just the etymological root and semantic basis of many food rituals, it also suggests the solid and founded relationship of sharing and con-vivium that is at the foundation of preparing food and the act of eating together. Therefore, “sharing” is the key verb to enter into harmony with our greatest desire in creating this community around the table! Sharing. Which, declined in these pages, takes on a particular meaning.

In an increasingly lonely and individualistic society, especially exacerbated in the post-COVID era, we want to propose and support a trend that in the metropolitan and cosmopolitan context appears as a growing “desire for community.” We need community, I need a place where I can feel welcomed, awaited for, needed and most of all, LOVED. What if this first place happens to be around the TAVOLA?

Our mission is to bring back in the heart of our home a place where we can no longer be alone, where we can look at each other’s face. And truly listen to the other. Either it is a laugh or a cry,  new learning or a boring day, a success or a failure, a secret or a breaking news. We want to be there, around that table, and be together, because loneliness secretly and slowly destroys our relationship and doing so, destroys our humanity, us. We might be living alone even if we live in a family or in a community. Eating together around a beautiful authentic table makes us whole again.

Enjoy your meal together!

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