10 reasons to value lunch time during summer break!

Hey there, dear moms! 

Summer break is finally here, and it’s time to make the most of this precious time with our kids. Amidst the chaos and fun, let’s not forget the magic that happens when we gather around the lunch table together. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of eating lunch with our kids during summer break and how it can bring us closer as a family.

Fabio & Lucia – pasta al pomodoro – lunch break, June 2023

1_ From Toddlers to Teens: The Power of Togetherness:

Picture this: your silly toddler, your moody teenager, and everyone in between, all sitting together at the lunch table. It’s a sight that warms your heart! Eating together at lunchtime creates a special bond that transcends age.

2_ A Break from Busyness: Making Simple Meals Matter

As moms, we’re constantly on the go, juggling a thousand things at once. It can be easy to just throw some crackers and cheese on the table and move on. But taking a moment to prepare a simple lunch for our kids is a valuable investment. It shows them that we care, that they matter. So, let’s pause our activities, whip up a quick and delicious meal, and make it a moment of connection and nourishment.

3_ Talk, Laugh, Share: Building Strong Connections

The lunch table becomes our family’s hub of conversation, where we talk about our day, make plans, share funny stories, and simply enjoy each other’s company. It’s a time when we can encourage our kids to open up, share their feelings, and reflect on the past school year. These conversations strengthen our bonds and create lasting memories.

Giuseppe & Fabio. Glances – June 2023

4_Trying New Flavors: Adventure on the Plate

Summer break is the perfect time to explore new culinary horizons! Let’s be adventurous and introduce our kids to new flavors and dishes. It’s a chance to expand their taste buds and broaden their food preferences. Who knows, they might discover a new favorite food!

5_ Chefs in Training: Cooking Together

Why not invite our kids to join us in the kitchen? Lunchtime provides a wonderful opportunity to teach them simple cooking skills, like making pasta or scrambled eggs. As their interest grows, we can gradually introduce more complex recipes. It’s not only educational but also strengthens their independence and confidence.

Lucia & Nonna – Let’s cook together – July 2023

6_ Fast Food Fun

Sometimes, it’s okay to let loose and have some fast food fun! Surprise your kids by setting up a table with their favorite fast food treats. Indulge in some guilty pleasures and relish the joy on their faces. It’s all about creating memories, showing our kids we care, and embracing togetherness.

7_ Time Well Spent: The Fruit of Connection

Don’t worry about “losing time” during these lunches; trust me, it’s time well invested. By coming together, we nurture the capacity to share, wait for siblings to arrive, and truly listen to one another. It instills a sense of order and teaches our kids the value of connection, eye contact, and patience.

8_ Battling Temptations: Structured Summer Days

With summer break comes the temptation for our kids to lock themselves in their bedrooms or get lost in video games. But having a structured lunchtime routine helps us all spend time wisely. It creates a sense of balance, ensuring that quality family time takes precedence over solitary activities.

Cousins. Private Lunch. Summer 2023

9_ Offering Gratitude to God and Moms

Every mealtime is an opportunity for us to give thanks to God for His abundant blessings. As we sit together, we acknowledge the blessings on our plates and in our lives. Through these shared moments of thanksgiving, we instill in our children the understanding that all we have comes from God, fostering a humble and appreciative heart. I always teach my kids to say thank you to mom or whoever prepared the meal. Gratitude for our Lord becomes immediately gratitude for those who live with us!

10_ Hospitality: The Truth of a Family

Open your house to friends, not just to play together. I encourage you to sit with your kids and their friends,  all together around the table and see what happens. You might discover incredible personalities and marvelous souls. Do not force a 1-hour lunchtime that might constrain the kids. Instead, just 20 minutes of your kids and their friends (and maybe your friends too!) feeling welcomed and loved around the table can make all the difference.

Favorite lunch break: pic-nic style

Do you want to take the risk? Let me know how it goes!

Have a wonderful, shared, happy summer

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